Flare Earlgrande GIORAL

Aka: Freiya, Hero of Magic

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pupcess Feb 3, 2021

I love flare/freia and the protag's just as much a piece of shit as everyone else. idrc tho cause i felt he was kinda justified , she surely had it coming I just don’t condone how he “got even” with her and is continuing his vengeance.


other than that it seems like he gave her a second chance at life and I’m curious where this journey will take them

sasukeanti Feb 3, 2021

ok i finished the first three episodes and take back my previous statement

sasukeanti Feb 2, 2021

yea she's bad but I expected worse from how people were talking about her. the protagonist is def just as fucked up as she is.

MonsieurWeaboo Jan 31, 2021

Certified piece of shit

AstronViolence Jan 31, 2021

I mean true she was horrible and deserved many horrible things but honestly rape was the last outcome I probably would've expected from her. The rape and the intercourse would be the most of the reason I hated this anime and manga tbh because I really just wanted a MC that was heartless in a way that it's torture-ish instead.