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xida2t Sep 17, 2020

Where's the elderly tag?

xida2t Sep 11, 2020

Greedy. Gambler. Hypocrite. Burden. Leech. Two-faced. Disingenuous. Liar. Probably an alcoholic. Does it have one redeemable quality?

This thing is the embodiment of everything 'corrupt' in our society.

GigaBomb Feb 10, 2020

Faye, Faye.

EssyBessy Jan 17, 2020

 Ok, seriously why are the commenters putting her down?? Plus being creepy?? Creepers please stop. ew.

Like y'all imagine loosing your memories, loosing a friend and in dept for SO MUCH MONEY that you have to pay for?! Plus having no place to call home..

Even tho she acting bad and leaving whenever she wants too.. she has finally found where she belongs.. she even had to learn that herself. It takes time to be one to learn that.. find her calling to where she belongs. Faye deserves the love she needs. She is who she is. 💖 

EllieApple Apr 2, 2016

I hate Faye so much.