Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #34,066
Rank #1,498
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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Secondary

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ChiefEugene Nov 26, 2022

can't dislike him. He sought to use the system. 

govo Oct 6, 2022

who the f are you

pepemcgee Oct 4, 2022

Last chance to look at me, David.

W3LSHDRAG0 Sep 23, 2022

👋hello👋 and welcome to the Los Pollos hermanos 👪family👪👪 my name📛 is Gustavo but you can 📲call 📲 me Gus I am thrilled that you'll be 🈴joining🈴 our 👥team👥 each and every day we serve our customers exceptional food🍪 with impeccable service we take 😤pride 😤 in everything that we do and after this 🕙10 🕙-week online seminar I am confident that you'll fit right▶️ in I like👫 to 🤔think 🤔 I see👀 things in 👦people👦 to begin I'd like👫 to 💬talk💬 about the cornerstone of the los Pollos hermanos brand™️ communication🏣 as🅰️ an employee of los Pollos hermanos you set📐 the tone🎵🎵 for the entire dining experience be mindful of what 😦 your 🆚words 🆚 and behavior communicate to our guests always be aware of your posture remember to stand 🔝up🔝 straight your customers and your back↩️ will thank you for it 🇮🇹 put effort into your appearance all employees are required to 👗dress👗 appropriately keep your uniform clean 🛁 and press📰📰 if you want respect you must 👀look👀 respectable speak🙊🙊 in complete sentences we never use one1️⃣ word🆒 greetings like 👫 hey or yeah always make eye👀 contact and finally whether you're with the customer or not remain composed inside 💠 you can be 🤔thinking🤔 about your homework or your 🐶friends🐶 or your side 📉business📉 but no❌ one1️⃣ should ever know 🇮🇹it🇮🇹 because at Lowe's poison ☠☠ Mallos someone is always watching⌚️ don't forget to 😊smile😊 that's all for today see👀 you next➡️ time 🕥🕥 when we'll be discussing cleanliness🛁🛁

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