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Kiwiiiii Apr 4, 2021

He's really annoying but I love this guy, he's just funny

Imaniss261 Feb 10, 2021

For me, the animation for this anime is terrible but I would have finished it if this character wasn't even introduced! After his introduction, I cut off the anime completely, never once looked back. Never once even reconsidered a revisit. NO. Absolutely not. Unless someone has an edit of this show with this character completely removed. 

If you're wondering, everything from his character design to his annoying voice (I have nothing against the VA, I just hate this character's voice) I can't stand this character. He's just annoying. Too annoying for me to even bother watching this anime.

JailBait707 Feb 5, 2021

one of the most split down the middle love to hate ratios I've seen, christ my lord. Let's not talk about how he's only hated for being annoying whilst others on top hated did some unfathomable action 

GregOreo Feb 5, 2021

Fool! You must follow all 1000 provisions to love this character! 

Otakuchan49 Jan 17, 2021


(How could anyone hate this annoyingly lovable sword?