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M4M4RI May 4, 2020

FOOL! his legend dates back to the 12th century 

AnimePixel Apr 24, 2020

His episodes were really boring, but he's alright as a character, and sometimes, just a few of the times, he can be pretty funny. But seriously though who was the one that did his character design. Like what is he suppose to be??? Also I find it surprising that he is hated soo much lol like he's like top 12...

CrimsonCondor Apr 15, 2020

I begin my mornings with a cup of coffee with cream.

KingKonSama Apr 9, 2020

Excalibur! Excalibur!

From the United Kingdom, I'm looking for Heaven, I'm going to California.

deku8 Mar 4, 2020

Why does everyone hate Excalibur?!

He's hailarious! 😂