Aka: Euphie

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Edock Mar 20, 2015

Why do so many people hate her? Like, is there is something I missed? She had good intentions...she was being controlled by Geuss...

FlutterBOSS Aug 2, 2014

Shirley's death was sad. Rolo's death made me feel forlorn. But Euphemia's death was the saddest one of all. She was this close to saving Japan, but a little mistake from Lelouch and his Geass caused the tragedy that his her order of the Japanese Massacre and her subsequent death. It felt like something out of Shakespeare, even though I should've predicted this to happen. 

ahmed1999 Jan 20, 2014

i miss her </3 0~0

thebarfscarf Jan 14, 2014

Wow. Truely worthy of sainthood, this one. What happened with her was quite possibly the saddest and most truly disturbing thing I've ever seen in any anime. Just stayed wtih me for at least a week after I saw it. Probably the only member of the Brittannian royalty with moral fiber - the compass of morality and decency for the entire show, doomed to be viewed forever by all as a despicable murderous hate-monger. The very definition of "tragic."

StargazerD Aug 17, 2013

Damn you, Lelouch, why that of all times to make a fucking joke.