Aka: Titania

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Mirul98 Feb 12, 2020

best anime queen ever. great personality and design wise she's beautiful.

loved her requip power too, very mahou shoujo-ish.

invader257 Dec 15, 2019

the power cosplay

lightwarrior550 Nov 1, 2019

Her character deteriorates as the show progresses

GirlResurrected666 Sep 24, 2019

She just became so ridiculous over the course of the story. Tragic. She had a lot of potential:(

Tsurukame Sep 14, 2019

I know the show dynamic ruined her,but as someone who watched both seasons and all ovas,i feel like her character deteriorate is a case and i find myself liking Erza less as the series progress,she went from a gentle knight to a fanservicey plot device by the later arcs,and GMG arc cemented those feelings for me.Even then,it doesn't excuse lazy writing,considering Gray is one of the few that don't asspull.Gray is more interesting and he stands out imo.

If you want good shonen just watch Gintama.