Aka: Titania

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KenChimmy May 25, 2020

I never like this character and I don't know why

iliketoeatt May 21, 2020

Bro Erza is the fucking goddess of well power no matter what she fights her ass off. One of my favorite Girl mc's of all time tbh i love her for that.

BrevityChaos May 17, 2020

A bit overrated.

For me she is cool. Yeah damn sexy. But definitely not the best.

but actually i ship Natsu × Erza 😕

TakashiNatsume May 6, 2020

I like her and all but as the story progressed my view of her changed. She's a bit overrated.

She's okay.

eslemsuee Apr 16, 2020

OMG! Erza is my favorite character. She is badass. SHE IS THE BEST!!!