Aka: Titania

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lightwarrior550 Nov 1, 2019

Her character deteriorates as the show progresses

GirlResurrected666 Sep 24, 2019

She just became so ridiculous over the course of the story. Tragic. She had a lot of potential:(

CrimsonCondor Sep 14, 2019

The excessive fanservice is an aspect of the show's dynamic. I believe you when you say her character deteriorated; I saw it happen myself, albeit not to the extent you did. However, the asspulls and fanservice have nothing to do with that deterioration. She only deteriorated because they stopped focusing on her character psychology and started to focus on other characters'. That is a result of the overly large cast, another aspect of the show's dynamic. Therefore, I cannot criticize her over any of that.

TsumiMitzuki Sep 14, 2019

I know the show dynamic ruined her,but as someone who watched both seasons and all ovas,i feel like her character deteriorate is a case and i find myself liking Erza less as the series progress,she went from a gentle knight to a fanservicey plot device by the later arcs,and GMG arc cemented those feelings for me.Even then,it doesn't excuse lazy writing,considering Gray is one of the few that don't asspull.Gray is more interesting and he stands out imo.

If you want good shonen just watch Gintama.

CrimsonCondor Sep 14, 2019

@TsumiMitzuki: I believe those asspulls are a result of poor writing for the show's dynamic, not her character. It just happened to affect her the most. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail fell apart entirely anyway, like most shounen anime, and Erza is no exception. I just feel she was the most interesting; Lucy is only my favorite because she didn't expire so quickly.