Aka: Titania

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biribirii Jan 24, 2019

I’m gonna be the bad guy and say Erza was definitely not a favorite female character of mine. She’s apparently the strongest female wizard in fairy tail but pales in comparison to mira jane. She’s overrated and relies on friendship way too much when she’s getting her ass beat.

TsumiMitzuki Dec 1, 2018

Asspull queen.Her battle against Kyoka is one example.

MrValgard Nov 30, 2018

For real when FT started she was noble strong gentle knight (possible) in love with Natsu after first arc. Then she got Stockholm syndrome with Jellal, then bongade in some Tower dungeon. And now she enjoy bdsm? wtf happen to this series :(

sakuraOTAKU Nov 7, 2018

Erza est juste la BEST  de tous que ca sois fairy tail ou autre manga !!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

RoseCandle13 Aug 14, 2018

When Erza requips her armor, the sequence reminds me if magical girl anime transformation. Minus the part where her armors are usually skimpy.