Aka: Titania

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jellyjilli Jul 23, 2021

yes, there are asspulls, and after the tower of heaven arc, she kinda dips until the grand magic games. but it's a long-running shounen, what do people expect lol. she's one of the dozens of fairy tail guild members guilty of those things. i blame the show and genre, not her, since it's not a problem unique to her. anyway, i love erza! we're both esis and extjs, so ofc we vibe, but apart from that, i find her really inspiring and like her design. she's a badass, not because she's physically strong but because she's mentally strong. it takes a lot to survive all the shit she survived and come out such a baddie in the end. she's iconic.

jacabang Jul 20, 2021

Always Hungry for Jellals D**k

MateusCarvalho590 Jul 9, 2021

I hate Erza Scarlet, because she has high emotional complexity of complete levels, with complex attitudes and actions, with excessive sincerity(or Sincericide), very credulous in rare moments, antipathy of high levels, Tsundere, bullying and temperament of high levels, without many or no physical difficulties and disadvantages to demonstrate complex attitudes and actions (even because it causes the person to demonstrate these quick and strong attitudes at the wrong times at the wrong and inopportune times for high agony, for extremely wrong motives in a matter of interruption, because of the imbalance and lack of control of their own human attitudes and actions, and she does it all the time in innumerable moments, and this demonstrates the true meaning of the high emotional complexity of complete levels), and even though she likes her friends a lot, she never showed high levels of empathy, never showed much attention for others, etc.

BabyGirlKaylie May 12, 2021

I love her, she's actually the first anime character I've ever loved.