Aka: Rich Girl

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #1,598
Rank #4,329

Proud and occasionally catty, Mikoto's best friend Eri nonetheless has a soft side when it comes to her friends. Behind her tough exterior lies a lonely girl just looking for love like anyone else - although in Eri's case, the army of family servants and impossibly high limits on her credit cards sometimes help to ease the pain.

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Anime Roles

School Rumble Main
School Rumble: 2nd Semester Main
School Rumble: Extra Class Secondary
School Rumble San Gakki Main

Manga Roles

Bessatsu School Rumble Main
School Rumble Main
School Rumble Z Main

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Ariar1kun Jul 26, 2022

To be true,she's one of the anime girls that i especially loved and adored for the reason that she make's my heart beat fast since i was a kid.She's one of the reason which i loved anime and it will never change.I think it's not love at first sight but i very respect her and always adored her forever. It's just one of the very fact that "Your Very Ideal Girls Can Only be found in Anime and other sorts of fictions".

Always remember ideal girls was harder to find in reality so i will leave a greatest word of advice "Don't love people based on their looks,you've must known here inner true self.Known her for days,weeks,months and years,and if everything goes well that only means one thing "it's meant to be"".

So goodluck on finding your Meant to Be and always be thankful to our Dear God.

Xnub Jun 19, 2022

Only one for Harima.

Best girl that fit him most naturally.

Skurambul Mar 1, 2018

I just love her and is still hoping for her to be happy like Tenma and Karasuma. I ship for her for Harima and not Yakumo because Harima never finds nor tells Yakumo attractive or cute inspite all the good times they spent together doing his manga! Hanaii is the one who showed interest for Yakumo’s beauty but not Harima. 

On the otherhand, we know Harima is so inlove with Tenma right? But it is implied in the anime and in the manga that Harima just can’t control his attraction for Eri’s smiling face even if he hasn’t spent much good times with her when they were together the way he does with  Yakumo. Harima is so inlove and had that tunnel vision with Tenma but still he could find Eri’s kind side and cuteness when she is smiling or not the rude haughty girl he thinks of her. One example was when they were in the temple and she didn’t know the workersan was Harima. She giggled and he was astonished and was surprised and thought she is not bad afterall. At that short moment he finds her lovely (bubbles background). The second one was on New Year’s day, Lion dance festival, she smiled at the little boys who wanted to see the mythical Lion and Harima stopped and stares at Eri’s beautiful face and smile for a moment but tried to stop it cause he thinks she is not all nice. Then in manga when Eri invited Harima at her house to finish their classroom album, she smiled at him and while he was drinking, he paused and stares at her smiling face with adoration and just told her “It seems like you can be cute sometimes too.” Then he tried to change the topic again right away. 

On top of that in the manga where he was told by Yakumo that Eri actually loves him while he was hopeless for his manga that he thought Eri has ripped...he tried to reject Eri’s feelings cause he loves Tenma and at that time he still has a chance for Tenma cause Karasuma hasn’t revealed yet his love for Tenma too. But I was intrigued when the author drew Harima is still waiting for Eri to come back to the rooftop after he has just told her to give up on him and that he can’t follow his love if someone is loving him...He has been thinking and was telling to himself that  Eri is not gentle at all or if she will ever come I thought Eri has a possible chance to be at Harima’s heart.

This got stronger when in the next pages, Harima was wondering around like a fool again doing awful stuff in his life like eating without paying and running away, no life direction and had forgotten about drawing manga and is living in the street till Karasuma found him and encouraged him to draw manga. Well before that, Harima had thought of what his life would be now AFTER OJOU REJECTED HIM (?) [HE DID IT]...after reading that and the next pages showing his chaotic life and thoughts that A MAN SHOULD LIVE ALONE...I was like hmmm...could it be that Yakumo is right...that Eri’s strong love for Harima can be the only hope to make him move on from his tunnel vision love for Tenma. Even Yakumo admitted it twice that she is not fitting for Harima though it hurts her to realize that fact. 

Now that Harima knew Eri is not what he think she is after she took care of his wounds infront of the temple and she told him who she really is about wanting to find true love and has never dated anyone, Harima’s perception of her has changed and has confirmed that she truly is a PRETTY GOOD PERSON. Then aafter that he seems doing ok even playing the guitar so I think Eri can mend his broken heart besides he admitted there was never him and Tenma. 

As much as others would like a Tenma and Harima closeness since Harima is all for Tenma’s love but never knew Tenma already knew about his feelings for her all this time and she heard him say it. Inspite of that, she teased Yalumo for him and also knew that Eri her friend wil be hurt too. Plus besides she knew Karasuma actually loves her back but tried to conceal it bevause she doesn’t want to hurt Tenma for the things she’ll conquer with their relationship him having that illness. But Tenma still pursue that relationship though she knew what she’ll be getting out of it all because she loves him so much and she knew he loves her back too. She will be happier being beside Karasuma than Harima in my opinion because she already loves him. Harima is just a friend for her.

So I think it’s better for Harima to try giving Eri a chance for both of them once he would find out that she didn’t know how to handle 1st love during their highschool years so instead of showing kindness at him, she annoys him. Plus he always tried to push her away whenever she tries to be all friendly and kind to him all of a sudden because he was only focused on Tenma. So I think Harima should be happy to see his 1st love Tenma being happy with her lover. That’s the best thing he can make her happy cause she saw how frustrated she was to see Karasuma go away. 

Since he already had some attractions for Ojou even when he was in love with Tenma, not only because of Eri’s natural beauty showcased more when she smiles but also her kind side, it will be a good start for Harima to fall in love again with Ojou by his side for all the effort she did to get his love cause he himself knew  how unrequitted love hurts, how hard it is to confess your love and be afraid of not being able to be loved back by that person. It can start by simple attraction to the opposite sex and spending more time getting to know each other till the magic of falling in love again starts and this time both are in the same page like Tenma and Karasuma! That’ll be the sweetest romance for Eri and Harima. 

Harima once said who would ever confessed to that bitch girl (Eri) because they know nothing more about that girl as just a rich cute girl...but as the story goes, Harima knew more about Eri this time and not only her kindness but her idea and belief of finding true love and the bumpy road they share to find it and how she hated her beauty and richness as the obstacle for achieving it. Having it all can be your struggle afterall. 

Skurambul Mar 1, 2018

My favorite female character! She has almost everything beauty, brains, talent etc...her personality has everything too both tsundere cuteness, sassy, caring, kind, achiever etc...a very well-done blonde pretty, princess character who is not all just that and tsundere power only! She is similar to the male protagonist who is not just all just dumb and delinquent! I love to ship both Eri and Kenji Harima though the story started about Harima’s 1st love and his chase to confess to Tenma who is also like Harima, Tenma is so inlove to the other guy Ooji Karasuma. I think Eri is a great main character for School Rumble as Harima is because they both are the same searching for true love and wanted to be loved for who they are and not what they are! Their life status are both their struggle to find their happiness in love like many others have because they are misunderstood and judge right away. They both feel natural being together though they would bicker at each other and there’s no pretense. They both have known each other’s good side beyond what others think of them and they both work really well as a team. Their moments together make me laugh a lot and feel the chemistry of a couple! I didn’t choose Yakumo for Harima cause I see her as just a young nice sister for Harima. Eri was the one who was there with Harima when he was heartbroken and in a dangerous state when they met at the temple. These two seems to be always together and the daydreaming wish of Harima for him and Tenma usually only ended up him doing it with Eri- standing infront of the Xmas tree (like in his manga) as 1 or the New Year’s day 1st day come true etc.    ...Eri could fix the broken heart of Harima and she can show her kindness to him as a potential lover and all his dreams of him and Tenma will happen in real with a better girl such as Eri. It’ll be nice if Harima can spend more  time with Eri the way he and Yakumo had helping him out with his manga where Eri is not all tsundere at him just like when they were at her house doing the Class Album. The best song I want for Eri and Kenji Harima is TWO LESS LONELY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD by Air Supply or other acoustic cover version. Eri and Harima for the win!

PhoenixSaiyan Jul 15, 2017

I never really cared for Eri. Sure, the cimestry between her and Harima was nice, but my prefernce was always for Yakumo and Harima.