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D4RKS3NS3I Oct 4, 2019

I hate this girl so much xD I prefer Rem ten times. I can understand the logical point of view from you lovers of Emilia, since Subaru first of all, he is an idiot that thinks that Emilia is his, etc... and that Rem both tried and brutally murdered Subaru, but still... I can't help it to love Rem over Emilia since first of all, I'm pretty sure Rem would sacrifice her life for Subaru (something that she has already done) while Emilia would be like "meh". And I really can't help to hate Emilia... I don't know... She is so... so boring and dull. The only interesting thing that she got is that she said that she was called Satella at the first episode and her pet, which is too damn powerful. Besides that... BORING

TsumiMitzuki Aug 27, 2019

I prefer the other girls to her,but she doesn't deserve the hate.

Sanvy Aug 17, 2019

She deserves more time on screen, I love her.

AndurMyoru Jun 4, 2019

She is so... Boring.

Thoragar May 8, 2019

Just started watching this Anime today. Emilia is my daughter's name, so it has taken my interest.