Aka: Elizabeth MIDFORD

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youtubeinthetardis Aug 12, 2015

She's adorable, but a bit annoying. It also doesn't help she's in love with her cousin...hm. I won't pass judgement until I watch Black Butler II, but so far, it's a no from me.

TwistedxAngel Jul 9, 2015

one of the most annoying anime characters EVER. Everytime shes on the screen I want to skip forward or turn the episode off SHES SO IRRITATINGGNGNG G

LadyAnnaCarla Jul 6, 2015

I'm sorry nigga but she is Ciel's FIANCE` :P deal with it !

She is strong also to protect Ciel Phantomhive <3

Oh my! Ciel x Elizabeth shipper here 

YourSenpai Jul 4, 2015

I used to absolutely hate her when watching the anime, she was so annoying and really got in the way of Sebaciel, but when I read the manga she was so awesome I love her she is so cute!!!

Shizuka97 Jul 3, 2015

I didn't watch the anime for Kuroshitsuji, and I found that she was BOSS in the manga which made me like her so much more- and she kind of wasn't the lttle girl always pestering Ciel. But even though she's still a little annoying I think Kuroshitsuji needs a character like that so that it wouldn't be so dull ^-^