Aka: Elizabeth MIDFORD

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DaughterOfEvil Aug 10, 2016

She's so much better in the manga.

Ccatboyy Jun 30, 2016

This is my personal opinion being a shiper of Ciel x Alois and I can understand that some people disagree since he is basically just a kid but once again, my opinion. 

I dislike her and here are my reasons:

1. Her voice kILLS me.

2. She broke Ciel's ring (Even though it was fixed.)

3. Ugh, she is way too girly to fit my liking.

4. Her personality is completely annoying to me!!

5. Many other reasons .-. 

Okay bye!

KiwiFlakes May 21, 2016

Many people dislike her but I think she is so cute. ^_^

ReginaMagna Apr 13, 2016

Honestly some of the dumbest reason people hate her is because she's in the way of SebaCiel which isn't even a coming ship, her voice which is completely irrelevant to the like or dislike of someone personality (what shallow fans), or her behavior (which actually has a damn reason).

serious the anime completely ruined her. The real story actually explains why she does and acts the way she does. Elizabeth is a very important part of Ciel's life. And she's certainly going to be a big part of the ending.

itspizzachan Mar 14, 2016

Lots of people in Kuroshitsuji fandom hate her because she's Ciel’s fiancée. I think that's stupid reason, she is not my fav. character but i still don't understand the hate.

Don't get half of fandom, stop ship SebaCiel, that's ship is absolutely sick, Ciel is just a kid wtf

+and the people who think she is useless, READ THE DAMN MANGA i bet you're gonna change your mind