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mikuh Nov 26, 2021

girl boss

YaoiGodAbove20 Feb 2, 2021

Y'all know all fictional intelligent people in the anime/manga world are dense when it comes to romance 

xyst Feb 1, 2021

She's too perfect, I can't see her as a human as she has basically no flaws unless it is to push the story to progress (i.e. her being dense when the prince shows her kindness) therefore taking out all my emotional investment into her as a character.

Ponyo18 Aug 2, 2020

i like her but she's a dense mary sue

YukinaZero Jul 13, 2020

What really sets me off about her is the fact that she's so dense. All book smart, and no street smart and a really bad judge of people. Sees people in 2-D and can't fathom that they would ever change for some reason. It really annoyed me because, what idiot can't comprehend basic human behaviors!? If you treat people with kindness then they will answer with kindness. It's something we teach every kindergartener yet she still spends over 80 chapters angsting over why the prince is being nice so her! Its cause your not a bitch out to ruine his life this time around, you idiot! Outside of this, her character was just your every day may-sue, with no outstanding quatilies. At all. She's as bad as Estelle from I Belong to House Castielo.