Aka: Ashen Witch

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #3,769
Rank #7,986

Anime Roles

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Main

Manga Roles

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Main
Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (Light Novel) Main

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matrixen Apr 27, 2022

Idk what to think of her. She's cute, but her personality (or you could even joke lack of) was more likable in the very beginning. When she did nothing to save the red-haired guy who went after his sister in the poisonous flower field despite coming across him, I lost a lot of respect for her. She just watched him get eaten by the plants (at least that's what it looked like?), an apathetic expression on her face, and left him to die. I thought there would be some development where she stops taking her mother's cowardly advice--if you come across danger, run the other way--and begin to save people outside of her own self interest (she is more than powerful enough to do so), but besides the episode with the princess-witch with the monster in the ruined kingdom we didn't get a sliver of that. And despite what one may think, the murderous little kid episode was not an example of that because Elaina only decided to help the person due to being offered a huge sum of money. 

Squidsy Mar 28, 2022

I'm on episode 5 right now and my experience with episode 3 and 4 has been pretty much odd. I was amazed with episode 1 because I thought it'd be the story of a girl training to become a witch but then oh my, she accomplished her goal on the first episode! So then episode 2 was wholesome, I thought it'd be the story of a woman who became a witch and narrates how she's helped and changed people's lives, still a great concept.

But then episode 3 just hit poorly because she refused to help anyone she did the bare minimum. And it urked me because how she was in episode 1 and 2 was drastically different from how she was in episode 3. She was reduced to a side/supporting character in her own anime and she hardly has been supporting. I'm hoping that's not what her whole character becomes just because she accomplished her goal already.

And never mind that, but despite her mother telling her to view herself equal to everyone else and not as if she were special, she still has been acting like she deserves special treatment and is baffled when she doesn't get it. Which is weird because she never ever acted that way before, I thought her mother was saying that because of her reputation, not because she's already had that problem.

Kathseiko25 Feb 8, 2022

She looks cool in her style.

Tabitabi88 Jan 13, 2022

I love her so much, she's amazing <3

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