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KingDedeDIO Dec 19, 2019

He’s alright, I guess

maffiosopassione Nov 16, 2019

Completely unlikable in Part 1, likable in Part 3 only due to the Memes and how entertaining he is. I prefer Diego vastly over him, Dio is actually one of the characters who would deserve the Requiem Death Loop from Giorno, along with Angelo and Ciocclata, he's that vile. The shit he already did in the first episode while only being 12 years old is ridiculous lol

BaagaJB15 Nov 12, 2019

One of my favorite villains of all time 🐐

RokiVulovic Nov 10, 2019

Save whatever you like, but he will always remain best girl.

aryancoconut Nov 3, 2019

I hate what he’s done but I absolutely love his character