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otakugirlwolf Dec 26, 2016

i really like decim hes a very interesting character he seems heartless and cold maybe nonchalant at times but he in fact is the oppostie he listens to every intently even if they dont realize it he takes what they say into consideration and he tries to see situation form different views he has an interst in humans and their thoughts he to me is avery cool character he watches and records and remembers because he wants to learn  plus he apparently makes very good drinks ha ha <3

Hanamii Nov 10, 2016

I just love him so much <3

Reverend Dec 29, 2015

I just love this guy! so kawai on many levels

HarukaAyame Dec 10, 2015

I hope I'll get to meet him when I die xD

dnatale Nov 19, 2015

no comments yet on one of the funniest characters ever ? '-'

this guy is hilarious ><'