Death The Kid

Aka: Kid

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CrimsonCondor Feb 18, 2020

The only joke they cracked with this character was a symptom of OCD. To laugh at it means to shit all over mental patients. He is a terribly written character with very few traits and thus cannot be liked. 

WinterWolf87 Jan 17, 2020

By far, the funniest and most loveable character in the whole show. I really don't like how hateful some comments are on here towards him, but he's one of the driving forces of this anime.

AnimeToonzStudio Oct 12, 2019

He use to be my number one favorite Soul Eater. I wish he developed more as character and stop with symmetry thing. I still like him but not so much.

CrimsonCondor Jul 25, 2019

The only prominent, unique characteristic he possesses is his obsession with symmetry. He makes a mockery of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and I personally can't find mental illness funny, as someone that has this condition.

OpheliaStorm Oct 22, 2018

I used to be obsessed with him and his symmetry gag, and I thought he was attractive. I now realize how horrid he is. This show was good but it did this character wrong; it made a parody of a genuine mental disorder and labeled it as slapstick comedy.