Death The Kid

Aka: Kid

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OpheliaStorm Oct 22, 2018

I used to be obsessed with him and his symmetry gag, and I thought he was attractive. I now realize how horrid he is. This show was good but it did this character wrong; it made a parody of a genuine mental disorder and labeled it as slapstick comedy. 

Nately Jul 24, 2018

I... honestly have no clue why I like him.

TurkeyGami Apr 12, 2018

I used to love the guy, but re-watching SE, I realize the only reason I liked him was the damn symmetry joke.

He's ok.

inf1d3l Jan 25, 2018

Asymmetry freaks him out. Nobody held pistols cooler than he did.

JadedEagle17 Dec 16, 2017

He would be happy to #14 loved. 14 can be divided evenly.