Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #3,452
Rank #5

Danzou is the leader of ‘Root’ – ANBU’s unofficial faction. He is an extremely ambitious man who is intent on become the Hokage and has spent many years planning a way to achieve his goal. Though he appears to be quite cold and callous he does have a strong sense of justice and honour, and would like to bring peace to the ninja world.

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Anime Roles

Naruto Shippuden Secondary
Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Minor

Manga Roles

Naruto Secondary

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DesperateEffort Jan 27, 2021

Ok first of all hes done so many terrible things, and he says its to "protect the Hidden Leaf." Okay so you eliminated one of the strongest clans in the Hidden Leaf, and says its to "protect it". You made the strongest, and most loyal ANBU member to the Hidden Leaf into a S-Rank Criminal, and say its to, "protect the Hidden Leaf." You even stole Shisui sharingan saying he was, "missusing it". BRU HE WAS LITERALLY TRYING TO STOP FUGAKU FROM TURNING AGAINST THE HIDDEN LEAF!!". Also, if it was really neccesary to eliminate the Uchiha then you should have killed the ones who were actually plotting against the Hidden Leaf, and don't kill the ones who were actually loyal to it. Like isn't that common sense? Wow seems like the village elders brains are expiring. I don't literally mean Danzo killed them he ordered to Itachi to kill them, so no Uchiha survivors go around saying, "DANZO SLAUGHTERED THE UCHIHA!!". He basically killed them but through Itachi. Dude Shisui was trying to protect the Hidden Leaf until YOU stole his sharingan for your own benefit still trying to "protect the Hidden Leaf." If Danzo DIDN'T steal it then shisui would have used koto on Fugaku then the clan wouldn't need to be killed. Overall as a character, hes shit, and if anyone loves this guy pls respond to this comment. I would really love to know who likes Danzo. If not then whoever hates Danzo THANK YOU because KIDS watch this show, and hes definetly a bad role model for them. Is it ok to steal someone's eye? Is it okay to do terrible stuff just to be in power? Are these the morals you would like to teach to your kids? Hes the character I hate the most, and I think that hes displayed the worst motive since he said he was trying to "protect the Hidden Leaf", but that was just an excuse for, "I am trying to be hokage by killing useful people, and stealing sharingans." Man Karma really hit this guy since Sasuke killed him in the end when he WAS THE 6TH HOKAGE! He was only hokage for like 1 day, and Sasuke really arrived on time to kill him. I wonder how the Hidden Leaf would be if Danzo was the 6th Hokage for more than a day...

lygbynz Dec 2, 2020

Everyone that clicked "I love this character" just missclicked

Sarotobirika Nov 28, 2020

 This person is the biggest villain in history, not in Konoha, but in the entire Shinobi Continent. If Arabic meets English with Japanese and French, we will not find damn words describing the extent of this damned scum I began to love Sasuke Uchiha after he killed him 🔪

steinswife Oct 18, 2020

the way I hate this mf....

Cremebrulle Oct 5, 2020

There are over millions of words in the English language, but I could never string enough words together to express how much I want to hit you with a chair 

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