Biggest Single Character Obstacles That nearly Ruin a Showby Epimondas

The characters in this list are so bad, annoying, or difficult to watch that you almost hate the anime, hate watching it, or don't want to watch it just to avoid that character.

The Worst, Most Creepy, or Disturbing Parentsby Epimondas

Things that make you go, bluahahh, when you see a parent in anime or even manga acting like no parent should. Any character taking on a 'parental' role qualifies. Candidates on this list can have all three qualities (Worst...

The Worst Most despicable Characters in animeby Epimondas

They are the kind of characters that make even things like viruses and pond scum seem human. The best villain characters are often evil or misunderstood, but there is a kind of logic, understanding, aura, or mystique to them...