Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #3,258
Rank #8

Danzou is the leader of ‘Root’ – ANBU’s unofficial faction. He is an extremely ambitious man who is intent on become the Hokage and has spent many years planning a way to achieve his goal. Though he appears to be quite cold and callous he does have a strong sense of justice and honour, and would like to bring peace to the ninja world.

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Anime Roles

Naruto Shippuden Secondary
Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Minor

Manga Roles

Naruto Secondary

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yakushining Dec 13, 2018

I get why everybody hates him, but he's no worse than someone like Sasuke or Madara. Yes he's done bad things. Yes, his motives led to the despair of others. Yes, he can arguably be held responsible for many of the bad events happening in the series. But he's fleshed out. He's basically Sasuke with a different character design. He's a good character who's reasoning did not quite reach his actions, someone like Nagato/Pain who wanted peace through destruction. To all the people whining about how he ''made Sasuke a maniac'' or ''he was just annoying!!1!!1!'' he's a villain. You hate him only because he caused the despair of others that you love. If anything, Sasuke is just as wrong as he was. They're both on most hated characters for a reason, but I have a firm belief that if Danzo had Sasuke's looks, people wouldn't be this annoyed by him.

Metalblade94 Sep 7, 2018

i want to choke him to death

SakuraPrincess49 Jul 5, 2018

Idk why he isn't the most hated charater on the site. I was so happy when he died but man he dererves to die painfully a thousand times over. I get how he cares so much about Konoha but he will literally wreak anyone and everyone else, and I would argue that 90% of all the suffering in Naruto can be linked to his hands. His retarded ideals led to the creation of the Akatsuki, massacured an entire clan, and Sasuke, Itachi, and Nagato among many others have gone through hell because of him. 

candydr0ps May 2, 2018

danhoe shitmura is anime trump

Jhull02 Sep 25, 2016

This guy deserves a cactus through his eye

what? he just has ONE eye that's completely his. annoying wannabe

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