😎 Coolest Character Nicknames 🕶️by HKBattosai

The list is in alphabetical order. Based on anime I've actually watched. All nicknames are from the English dub, unless noted otherwise. Created: Sep-20-2018

Anime-Planet's Official Best Male Supporting Charactersby ZetsubouKaiji

Who says the main character should get all the love? These fellas may not have been the focus of their shows, but they were all awesome in their own way. Who is the most awesome? Read on. -List compiled by randomredneck

💪 Badass Anime Characters You Don't Want to Mess With, Period! 💪by HKBattosai

List is in alphabetical order. Based on anime I've actually watched. It includes both heroes and villains. Each character is taken solely into context of their universe. If a deserving character is not on the list, then I...

Favorite Character By Anime (& Pseudo-Poem)by SeprithLiCastia

A good character can make a good show great or save an otherwise terrible show from being forgotten. Here is a list of my favorite characters of Anime (one per show) and how they rank up. Told through mini-poems because I can...

Greatest Criminals in Animeby SeprithLiCastia

A list of those individuals in Anime who are so good... at being bad. Be they thieves, murderers, or street thugs, any character who displays a consistent streak for legally deviant behavior is a candidate.