Claire ROUGE

Aka: Claire ELSTEIN

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Rank #5,079
Rank #3,992

Anime Roles

Blade Dance of the Elementalers Main
Blade Dance of the Elementalers Specials Main

Manga Roles

Blade Dance of Elementalers Main
Blade Dance of Elementalers (Light Novel) Main

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GalayGalay Feb 8, 2022

I don't know why some people easily hate this girl without reading the whole story. She's my favorite anime girl so far. She might be someone who resort to violence or easily jump to conclusions but the truth is she is actually a sweet and caring girl. She doesn't say much but she could be really hard working when someone is sick or hurt. She's always the first person to notice when Kamito is going through something. Many people had been mean to her and though some of them tried to kill her she still managed to forgive them. She's kinda possessive but it's because she has a fear of abandonment after she lost almost everything. She has a lot of flaws but those are what makes her perfect. In the end of the light novel she actually became a lot better.

AC9123 Dec 27, 2020

She's that super tsundere character who keeps tsunding away until her love interest doesn't pay attention because she keeps saying "I-i-i-i'ts not like I l-l-l-l-like you!!!" and then she gets mad and all that. Yeah, seen it a bunch, somehow this was one of the most annoying ones I've seen though.

AC9123 Dec 27, 2020

She annoyed me SO MUCH I question how I ever finished the anime. Well... I also question why I started the anime knowing it had the tags it had.... But uh... Nah she's just... even worse than I expected. 

Also there are way too many "misunderstandings"

Adri13 Nov 6, 2020

I love Claire and I don't think she deserves all this hate in the comments

<h1 style="text-align: left;"> </h1>
Acranehood Dec 21, 2017

Yeah, she's pretty damn bad in the anime. The source material let's you warm up to it a little. It's somewhat shown why she acts this way. Either way, still tsundere af. What a pain.

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