Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #12,292
Rank #6,735

Anime Roles

Speed Grapher Secondary

Manga Roles

Speed Grapher Main

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RyanMinLwin Jun 25, 2015

Let me be honest, this guy and the other main (Tatsumi) are just fucking awesome. In the end, i both love them. All of them are doing for the same goal with different routes but they respect each other. I really sad for him when he found his sister. Damn i...i can't even express how i feel. He fight Corruption with vengence. Anyway, he is not my best but still i respect that he choose to become dark side sex, corruption for only for vengence. He sleep with bad womans, he knee the authorities, but in the end he accomplish his goal, as the result, he understand that his vengence took his life.

I will remember him same like from sephiroth from FFVII 

Truely sad moment, he met his sister at .... where she become sex slave and turn to fool, i almost cry.

10 out of 10 , story , sound, animation with 2005. 

DoodlebugFour Jun 6, 2015

My nickname for this guy is "Pimperoth" due to looking very similar to Sephiroth of Final Fantasy 7. But then again GONZO loves making Sephiroth clones if Aion (Gloatiroth) from Chrono Crusade and Creed (Gayeroth) from Black Cat is of any indication.

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