Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Rank #4,079
Rank #2,269

Anime Roles

Kiznaiver Main

Manga Roles

Kiznaiver Main

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Shinigamichan Oct 7, 2021

She's way too violent, and in the most unnecessary way. There are bad jokes in every anime -and in some- the person gets a punch in the face but her reaction is not like in those, it's hysteric, she's way too abusive to people who never deserved such treatment.

ramudas Aug 6, 2021

I HATE THIS GIRL SO MUCH THAT I COULD PUNCH HER IN THE FACE, SERIOUSLY. how can she treat so bad someone that she says she loves? shes annoying af, she doesnt care about agatas feelings, she dont want to know why he is that way, she just want him to change, as a person with depression i know well how agata feel about himself and how is to have people like her with me, they dont give a a f*ck about your feelings and why youre sad, they just want you to change, this is annoying and only serves to make you feel worse. shes an awful character. i hate her.

AardvarkRex Jun 20, 2021

Cheap wangsty drama personified.

Aerythrin Feb 1, 2021

her 180 towards Tenga and Agata towards the end was really weird. I found her quite whingy and boring. I don't mind the jilted maiden trope if it's done well/with sympathy for the other characters involved, but Chidori was super annoying and obsessed with Agata even though he was a brick for half the show and clearly not interested. She dealt with everything...okay, I suppose, but could have done so far better.