Aka: Chibiusa TSUKINO, Little Lady, Rabbit, Rini, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Mini Moon, Small Lady, Usagi TSUKINO

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #2,499
Rank #821

When Chibi-usa falls from the sky and into the lives of Usagi and Mamoru, they know nothing about her except that she is full of secrets and pursued by dangerous enemies. Behind her bratty attitude is a caring girl desperate to save the people she loves. She has a special friendship with Sailor Pluto, and later develops close friendships with young Momo, gentle Hotaru and the mysterious Helios.

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Anime Roles

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie 1 Main
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Main
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (2016) Main
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 1 Main
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 2 Main
Sailor Moon R Main
Sailor Moon R Make Up! Sailor Guardians Main
Sailor Moon R: The Movie Minor
Sailor Moon S Main
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Main
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Hero Club Main
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Memorial Main
Sailor Moon S: The Movie Secondary
Sailor Moon Super S Main
Sailor Moon Super S Memorial Main
Sailor Moon Super S Plus - Ami's First Love Main
Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie Main

Manga Roles

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Short Stories Main
Sailor Moon Main

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limeyy Mar 9, 2023

shes annoying and i hate her

v1c3nt Jan 5, 2023

"She's a well written character" idc so far she's annoying as fuck, lemme hate in peace 

chiiusaa Jul 30, 2022

-100 iq peeps: chibiusa is the worst character, she ruins the series, she is a selfish rude brat who deserves to die, the series could have been better if she didnt exist

meanwhile chibiusa: literally the best written character from every aspect and the most important character for plot after usagi, how much she feels inferior because of her parents and crystal tokyo people, a child with serious trauma but learns that everyone starts from a certain point and as long as she believes in her dreams there is nothing that she cannot do and that no matter how much she idealized usagi and felt inferior in the end she finally learnt to treasure herself and want to find her own self, literally the only reason why usagi started getting mature and got her character development, has the best character development and most touching and beautiful relationships, has a myterious side of her character that we will never know if she will ever get a happy ending like usagi did or is she sailor cosmos, literally the kindest soul alive since how she always protects the innocent characters, she believes in them when no one does, peak character writing that only a few people can truly understand and there is always more to discover about her, one of the most special characters to ever exist.

forever thankful to naoko takeuchi and her editor for creating my all time favorite character who inspired me till this day and keep inspiring still.

spicu2nicu May 22, 2022

oooo i wanna kick you so bad id punt u like a football

containsyou Feb 1, 2022

i hate her so much. so frustrating

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