Black Star

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Turquoise
Rank #128
Rank #87
Black Star

Though technically a ninja, Black Star's overflowing confidence leads him to act flamboyantly in every situation instead of using stealth. He meets any challenge head on and trains constantly in his mission to "surpass God". In addition, he is fiercely protective of all his friends, and would never abandon them. Despite the fact that his partner, Tsubaki has three different weapon forms, Black Star's true abilities lie in hand-to-hand combat where he can make use of his soul's wavelength to amplify the power of his blows.

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Anime Roles

Soul Eater Main
Soul Eater Not! Minor

Manga Roles

Soul Eater Main
Soul Eater Not! Minor

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aninhass Nov 9, 2023

ora ora ora ora

Moreofafighter5 Oct 26, 2023

if anyone acts like this in front of me, I'm hitting them with the 3 piece combo

alstick61 Mar 23, 2023

i love him and how cocky he is he is aways funny!

vanessasm Aug 11, 2022

i just dont really like him

ColeDeFlorks Apr 10, 2022

I love Black*Star, he's one of my favorite characters in Soul Eater. Now, I get that people don't like him, but I feel like people forget a few things when it comes to this short playful ball of energy.

1) He's a teenager, he's got a lot of energy

2) He's lonely. He acts out to get attention from others

3) He's hard on himself. He feels like he could always be doing better even though he covers it with this big ego facade.

4) He's the most socially awkward person out of the master-weapon trio (quadlet if Crona is counted).

5) He turns everything into a joke or plays it off like he meant to act stupid sometimes to cover up his insecurities and his slip ups.

Sure he can be annoying, but he's extremely smart and dedicated, and he's got hisown problems like everyone else.

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