Aka: Little Rookie, Rabbit

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Axopti Jan 20, 2019

my favourite male harem protag

OpheliaStorm Oct 24, 2018

Most harem male protagonists are plain and hollow, but Bell actually manages to be cute. The stories of many harem centers try to label them as attractive, but they end up falling flat and being nothing short of average; Bell Cranel is an exception to that rule. He is precious and adorable while simultaneously managing to pose as a harem center.

Epimondas Oct 26, 2017

I hope he doesn’t end up mating his grand aunt, Hestia. She is M the older sister of Bell’s grandfather. That would just be all kinds of incestuos crazy weird.

TheRogueStudent Jul 28, 2017

Bell was the reason why I hated Danmachi he's such a pussy and his consistent screaming I thought Nah fuck this he's a Bellend and from now on I'm going to call him Bellend Cranellend 

zetsubo666 May 24, 2017

Wow you can even report comments now, why has the internet become so obsessed with policing people's opinions?

Regarding Bell he is cancer given human form and everything wrong with harem protags. Then anime fans wonder why the anime industry is failing as described by anime youtubers like animeman and the answer is simple. Anime fans need better tastes if a character like this gets this many likes. Thank goodness for the spin off where he is no longer the MC.