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Azukano Jun 18, 2018

Despite her cruelty, I actually really like her character. (and no, not just cause of Saori Hayami <3) But her role in 2nd season made her so much lovable. 2nd best girl behind Kuroneko of course.

tresleches Feb 11, 2017

Can't stand this bigot.

Kuroneko1316 Sep 5, 2015

Second best character in oreimo after kuroneko 

XxFunnYxX Feb 21, 2014

I both agree with Shindou and Discontent.

Heck, I don't think I never have a friend who doesn't accept my hobby and having an attempt to neglect me. I think Ayase is a 50/50 type of character like I either love or hate. 

If anyone saw Yandere in her eyes, that's just terrifying. lol

Although her character development has gotten sorta better. 

Suntears Jun 29, 2013

wija: sure retard