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meluu May 27, 2020

she not only outed mafuyu but she also wrongfully brought up mafuyus past to try and put a wedge between him and uenoyama.,, she has no real redemption and is practically just a jealous side character.. yeah that's a yikes from me 

Leon922 Apr 24, 2020

Im personally okay with her as of now. I still dont l i k e her just yet, but at least an apology was given and she isnt bothering Ue and Mafuyu. 

Still dont trust her though. But i hope she s t a y s nice or she's on my hate list again effective immediately. But i just hope she doesnt try anything, i mean she did encourage Ue to visit Mafuyu so i guess she's fine f o r n o w. But seriously, what she said about Mafuyu is still a terrible thing to say about a human being even if she did apologize so she's on extremely thin ice.

AliveGhost Oct 13, 2019

Anyone who likes this girl doesn't deserve this anime's glory.

Axelist Aug 14, 2019

The amount of haters 😂😂😂😂 (I am one of them though)