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YaoiGodAbove20 Dec 25, 2020

There's always that bitch in a fight for love

steeltsundere933 Sep 6, 2020

never expressed so much hate for a female character.

Zentipede Aug 5, 2020

I dislike this character, she shouldn't had used Sato's past to make Uenoyama like her.

After finishing the series, I still have the same feelings about her. The only thing I admire about her that she apologized after doing something wrong.

That means she isn't THAT bad, if Kasai learned from her mistake and won't repeat it.

lonesoulss Jun 13, 2020

i dislike how she outed sato and brought up his past to ritsuka...

aaaahm Jun 9, 2020

imagine talking about someone else's traumatic past to make your crush stay away from that person I- wtf is wrong with her? I mean, atleast she apologized I guess, but I still don't like her.