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Englishwastaken Jul 1, 2021

I know this bitch did not just out Sato like that. My respect for her truly left.

Kitchuu Jun 22, 2021

I don't hate her. She really did like Uenoyama, and although that doesn't justify her actions, having a crush can make one act a bit irrationally sometimes.

Everyone calling her a bitch and saying how much they hate her are taking things way overboard, geez. She realized that she messed up and apologized, that in and of itself shows that she isn't a terrible person.

amambonu Jun 10, 2021

this annoying and clingy little bitch got nothing but audacity

kanekistoenail May 13, 2021

more like ayano cacasai

TheMuffinMan167 Apr 28, 2021

not her being petty because gay man likes other gay man