Aka: Swim Swim

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #15,971
Rank #2,234

Anime Roles

Magical Girl Raising Project Main

Manga Roles

Magical Girl Raising Project Main
Magical Girl Raising Project (Light Novel) Main

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roxan1930 Mar 26, 2024

Remember, even FAV thinks she's got a few screws loose with how casually she treated all the death and didn't even blink at murdering others

freelancerga Jul 3, 2022

She really just like Texas: doesn't like pregnant women or lesbians

Haganai Mar 23, 2022

The one who made the show watchable; Loved this character..

ShioHanashi Jan 27, 2022

As egregious and inexcusable as Ayana's actions were, she was just a child; she had plenty of time to improve herself in life and potentially use her tactical skills for something good. The comment below is very true. In addition to it, Sanae brainwashed her into idolizing her, so she wanted to be on the same level as or greater than her. Unfortunately, Sanae is a very bad role model. This is the impressionability of a child. So, her actions are psychologically understandable. If it weren't for MGRP's absurd pacing, she could have been a good character.

xyzlyn Jan 16, 2022

i mean shes a child witnessing however much chaos and murder around her, ofc shes gonna percieve that as normal and go a lil crazy