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reigereb000 Jan 31, 2019

She's so fucking selfish that it's annoying. i can't handle some selfishness from characters, but this shit... After watching episode 7, I practically ran here to let my aggravation out about that bitch. You hate her? Watch episode 7, you'll be as annoyed as I am. And with a person like her, you just know she only gonna get worse.  

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Cherie Jun 20, 2017

Yeah, it's just SOOO wrong for a HIGHSCHOOL boy to be in an arcade at night.  Of course she would be in the right to carry her WEAPON around town at night (oh and its fine that SHE was in the arcade!) and go after him, to beat him with a kendo stick for it!  She was far more dangerous and delinquent-like than the guys messing with the kid & his butler. Yup, my lil rant because I am so tired of characters like her...