Aka: Asta the Unworthy

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #711
Rank #1,573
I this character

Anime Roles

Black Clover Main
Black Clover: Jump Festa 2016 Special Main
Black Clover Movie Main
Black Clover: Petit Clover Advance Main
Black Clover: The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa Main
Squishy! Black Clover Main

Manga Roles

Black Clover Main
Black Clover: Abareushi no Sho (Light Novel) Main
Black Clover Gaiden: Quartet Knights Main
Black Clover (Pilot) Main
Black Clover: Yuno no Sho (Light Novel) Minor

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iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021


LoopieSuir Jul 10, 2021

Annoying and loud as hell

callingjupitar2 May 22, 2021

    Love his character so much, but the way they redrew him for the newest season is so bad. Idk what they did to him or why they thought it was a good idea to redraw him but he looks so disproportionate. I love the anime so I'll ignore it but seriously, those muscles on him make him looks short and stubby. I agree with someone else that said he should have gotten taller instead of adding those muscles. Yami looks great with his muscles but something about Asta's new muscular form just looks horrible. Anyway, I love his character and anyone who complains that he's too loud is so overdramatic. I love how optimistic he is and him being loud compliments his personality and it's not annoying to me. I feel that the people who complain about this just don't like the anime in general because it's seriously not a problem at all. In fact I didn't even notice he was loud and it didn't cross my mind at all. 

kanekistoenail May 15, 2021

also i feel like the people who hate asta either hate black clover in general, don't know how to suck it up, or they just hate him so much that they'll only see the first few minutes of the first episode without even sitting through the entire thing and never really bothered to give it another chance if you read first review on the left on  and look at the date of when that review was sent (october 6, 2017) vs the date the anime first aired (which was october 3, 2017) proves my point. and the ones who call it a mid clearly haven't watched the show i asked my discord server who were calling it that and they admitted to not watching it like bitch no watch it and then you can talk. opinions are made from personal experience not just from what you hear bc what if your opinion is different than what your cousin said? if you refuse to see it its fine no ones gonna push you, you can be skeptical all you want and predict how you think it'll be whenever you do watch it some day however you'll be unable to be sure or identify whether its good or bad since you have not yet seen it for yourself. anyway asta is actually a very likeable character if you can survive his loudness you'll realize that the show is actually really good and you'll like him and the show especially when you wait till the end of the ep 1 its like wait what omg. i told my school friends i talk to in lunch the same thing since they were watching it in sub and they took my advice and they also liked it. tbh i love both the sub and the dub i would rewatch it in sub any day the only reason i chose the dub when i first watched it was because asta's voice actor voiced zack from angels of death which is another character i really really like. like a lot. anyway if the sub is too much screaming for you TURN IT TF DOWN, SWITCH TO THE FUCKING DUB ITS NOT THAT HARD theres a volume button on your remote/phone or which ever device you watch it on just press the - and then you'll live if you don't like the dub either too bad might as well read the manga since the show is taking a break for now like nanbaka and hxh are so the mangas catch up. even if you do get irritated by the screaming in the first few eps still give it some time please it becomes more watchable later on if you can wait up to 100 eps of one piece to get good like i can you can def wait 9 eps for asta to tone it down on the screaming. and yes its still worth watching for those who aren't into long anime it's long but it's not as long as most long animes bc when binge it it feels more like 16 episodes than 50 per season season 4 is when it actually is 16 eps yet still feels short i was genuinely surprised when first time i finished the first season i even asked myself how tf am i already done with season 1? also the discussion cmnts on the link i sent explain what happens when you actually sit through the end😏 anyway i apologize if this sounds forceful it's not its actually supposed to be advice to those wh have done this before i'm just really sick of people hating on it before actually watching if you did follow my advice and still don't like it thats fine as long as you actually did sit through it and listen carefully without rushing or early judgement your opinion is valid bc its not an opinion if you just sit there for 5 minutes and claim you watched it and didnt like it

amambonu May 4, 2021

i think he's so adorable but i wish they made him taller instead of buffer since he is now built like a pitbull. and if he's so loud, then just reduce your volume. i start to enjoy him after like episode 4 or 5. and he's less loud as the series goes on.

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