Anti-Heroesby AnimeJunkee

A list of main characters who have very questionable methods to accomplishing their goals.

Fate Servants Full Listby KrisDFC

A full list of all Servants from Fate series that are in anime-planet. Here will appear characters that are servants on any kind of media (anime, manga, light novels, games, etc.). It is ordered primarily by servant class, and...

💥 Ultimate Anime Fighting Techniques! 💪by HKBattosai

List is in character FIRST name alphabetical order. Based on anime I've seen or manga I've read. Only one technique per character. The technique may be an ultimate ability or some form of ultimate attack. Created: Sep-20-2018

Top 60 Most Interesting/Well-written Anime&Manga Male Charactersby MockingEntropy

In the most objective way as possible (based on my current watched list), it shows males characters who deserve a quite particular attention and present a certain originality in their own respective perspective. Males characters...