Aka: The Water Bearer

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LilyNadesico Jul 18, 2019

Annoying bitch who treats Lucy like crap for no reason at all.

Hak Apr 13, 2019

Over the many years of watching Fairy Tail, I’ve learned to love her. I dunno why I cry whenever she’s kind to Lucy 😢 

Without a doubt, Aquarius is a great mother figure. 

Cilora May 12, 2017

She's badass! I love how on the outside she's all stubborn and hot-headed and mean, but she's actually just a softy, who cares a lot more than she lets on.

candydr0ps Dec 1, 2016

Lmao her <3 and </3 rank are the same, #426 XD

SaitamaOk Nov 8, 2016

She's such a bitch.