Aka: Amy ANDERSON, Sailor Mercury

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Eriril Apr 20, 2019

I don't like her. She is smart, but she is not a genius like Michiru. All she did is just studying anyway. If her IQ is really 300, then she should have skipped grades all the way to university.

Apparently the 90's anime loves to give her tons of unnecessary skills. Wth.

arianagrxnde Jul 3, 2018

Ami is one of my faves <3 she is so kind and cute

YueHatori May 28, 2018

Maravilhosa <3

invader257 Nov 19, 2017

study is time to study 

SailorSedna Jan 18, 2016

Ah Ami Mizuno/Sailor will always be my favorite female anime character ever <3