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Hair Color: Black
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Wolf Children Main
Wolf Children x House Shokuhin Stew Main Non-Speaking Role

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Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki Main

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JailBait707 Apr 10, 2021

The only reason why I'd understand "leaving without a proper goodbye" would be if the parents of the child literally didn't give any less of a shit about them, and wouldn't even notice them gone by the time they leave. Hana cared and took care of her kids like no other, and abandoned her life back in the city (which would be a lot easier) just so her kids could have the choice between wolf or human. She did so much for Ame it's unfathomable and I can't even process how much he fails to appreciate her. I'm all for living your own life and doing what you want, but Ame could've at least properly said goodbye to his mother and sister. 

I also understand that his sensei was the one that truly helped him grow up and taught him things Hana possibly couldn't teach him, which is why I feel that he cares more for the sensei, rather than the mother. But at the end of the day, Hana fed him and took care of him. cared and loved for him so much. Then to just see him run off without a proper goodbye, and just leave her on the parking lot

BengDesu Dec 18, 2020

his whole existense is a dick move bro

snapbug Nov 19, 2020

He made me cry soooooooo much 😭. I still have tears in my eyes 😭😭😭

BlackSummerDays Sep 11, 2020

He abandons his mother and beats the shit out of his sister in a show of 'animal dominance' during which they both trash the house their mother worked so hard on including a photo of their dead dad and neither of them helped clean up the mess afterwards and just sulked off leaving her to deal with all the broken stuff.

She was trying so hard and deserved better from both of them all the way through the film and Ame was obliviously cruel and just didn't seem to care all that much.
I mean he acted like he cared more about his fox sensei in the forest than for his mother because a life in the forest without any human contact was what he wanted but he also enjoyed that illusion of righteousness.
She almost dies and he fucking leaves her unconscious body on the ground in a parking lot without a proper goodbye and that's the last interaction he has with her beyond her seeing him in his wolf form and accepting his choice because he hasn't given her a choice but to do so if she doesn't want to be utterly miserable about it forever.

For a 'quiet sensitive kid' he was really really insensitive to his closest loved one's feelings. Not that his sister was much better going the opposite extreme suppressing her instincts/her real self entirely in order to fit in with her classmates. But at least she stayed in contact with their mother.

pinkiee May 5, 2020

Ame left his family without any goodbye. After his mother worked so hard to give him whatever life he wanted, wolf or human, and didn't do anything out of consideration. His mom almost died looking for him and all he did was leave her passed out in the parking lot. Ame has way too big of an ego for a 10-year-old, he never helped his mother and couldn't even say thank you after he permanently left.

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