Aka: Black Thorn, Nagi ARISUIN

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
Rank #4,141
Rank #9,238

Anime Roles

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Secondary

Manga Roles

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Main
Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Light Novel) Main

Related Characters

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Kingofhell11 Aug 13, 2023

Bro nobody gonna convince me this guy is a woman he just gay and once a Man is always a man idc about trans or whatever he being calling himself 

DracoSafarius Jul 22, 2022

To Zed: Yeah, and like I said in the Discord where they continually just ignored everything, if it was solely that in existence then I'd agree with the page being as-is, but almost everything else overwhelmignly goes against that. Plus, that same page you're referencing defeats itself with male language, as does the other one on the site for both voice actor lists. Like you have to be purposely looking at it with some terrible confirmation bias to ignore everything in official info and the light novels to reach the conclusion this page is accurate. That's not exactly a *good* thing.

Zed Jul 20, 2022

To Draco: The source you provided literally referred to this character as a "maiden in a man's body". 

DracoSafarius Jun 27, 2022

Yeah data team kind of a disaster. Refused to answer any kind of issues with them ignoring their own rules for sources, changing a rule on the fly with names, and then ignoring again when they get shown a source that's the of the same validity as the one single thing they use to keep this page the same... Suggest anyone that comes across this just swap tracking site, it's a yikes.