Akihiko USAMI

Aka: Usagi-san

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hundpappan Mar 30, 2018

I just really love the character, all flaws included as that makes him really interesting. Probably the first bl animé I watched.

xxJoseiQueen Nov 19, 2017


EveLeech Jan 7, 2017

How is he a rapist? I don't get it. He cares very much about Misaki and genuinely loves him. He even searches up places to go for Misaki. Sure he is a sex-craved pervert, but he feels guilty about forcing himself on Misaki the first time they met. Misaki denies Usagi forced himself on him, meaning the sex was consensual.

Yudesei Oct 28, 2016

It's actually kinda worrying how so many yaoi fangirls are so into their fantasies that they don't care whether it's rape or not.

Usami or "Usagi" or whatever you prefer calling him is a rapist. He forces himself on Misaki and sexually harasses him. Disgusting.

I feel so bad for Misaki. Poor guy.