Akihiko KAYABA

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KestrelVixen Dec 11, 2018

I know he caused the deaths of a lot of people but for some reason i just can't bring meself to hate him. I think out of all of the villains in SAO he is the one i find myself actually liking

NativePerson Nov 14, 2018

Eh...I cannot say I hate him but I do not like him either. At least he is nothing like Sugou of course.

Antares90 Jul 3, 2018

He (barely) redeemed himself during Kirito's confrontation with Sugou. Okay, maybe not even close after the deaths he's caused, but I can't bring myself to hate him when comparing him to the rapey sod.

TheIceQueen Jan 10, 2017

These comments prove people have shit taste. Even Diavolo is more likable than this bafflingly horribly written villain.

TheIceQueen Jan 10, 2017

"What made you commit this evil, heinous, inexcusable undeniable mass genocide?" "I forgot lol" what a shitty excuse for a villain.