Gender: Female
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #3,190
Rank #4,406

Anime Roles

Kämpfer Main
Kämpfer für die Liebe Main
Kämpfer Picture Drama Secondary

Manga Roles

Kämpfer Main
Kämpfer (Light Novel) Main

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Akemi Jun 7, 2023

She's great as a kampfer but absolutely unlikable, annoying and boring as a normal person. 

Woody4Lightyear Apr 1, 2023

Annoying bitch. Everyone acts like she's some kind of saint, and while I agree it's good to see her being confident in her Kämpfer form, it still doesn't excuse her bitchy behavior, which is for no reason other than her own frustration coming from not knowing how to express herself. And that's NONE OF NATSU'S BUSINESS.

invader257 Feb 25, 2021

second best girl

weirdokayla Sep 30, 2020

Might be a lil biased since i love redheads but she was better as a kampfer then her original form

Epimondas Apr 16, 2016

She really bugs me.  The first time she meets Natsuru she tries to kill him and doesn't even take the time to make sure Natsuru is an enemy.  Even after that she threatens him many times and in her non kampfer form she is more ambigious than even nonkampfer Natsuru.  Instead of ever approaching him properly she often resorts to more psychotic behaviors like stalking him, aka watching him from hidden spots when he first meets up with Mikoto again for example.  Of all the strange girls after his attention, she is the pushiest and most selfish at least respecting the other girls and she never translates her actions into any signs for Natsuru.  At least the Class president has actually come on to him and shown an interest he is somewhat aware of and Kaede does to his kampfer form and even clearly confesses to that form. Mikoto actually visits his house on her own and makes breaksfast without an invitation, though whether she has a interest is a it less clear she at least makes an effort to be clear.  Only Akane is as much a nuiscense and a threat as well as a shy introverted girl with a crush on him that she can never make clear about such intentions in either form so she fails on both accounts.  She is rather annoying because she is such a bossy pushy jerk in both forms and the most ambigious.  She never clearly indicates what she wants and even if she did, her bizarre split personality spoils it.  She is the only one with such a total opposite split personality even though she in her non kampfer form suggests it is common and the cause of the Kampfer form, I wonder maybe she just lets go with her true self cause she has power and more confidence in that form?  I fail to see how a realistic love interest is possible with someoe who constantlly threatens you or tries to kill you from the get go.

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