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iLive4Anime Nov 7, 2018

She is SOOOOO BAEEEE. My favorite arc from season 1. I just love her SOO much. Just the way she acts and what she does is pretty amazing. 

Azukano Jun 10, 2018

I love everything about her. It was a huge toss-up between Ayatsuji and her, but ultimately, Ai won me over in the end. 

mULtii Nov 18, 2012

She was the best in S1 and they kept her romantic style in S2 aswell. She's definitely the most interesting person in the Amagami animes.

kio3459 Oct 26, 2011

I Nanasaki is my favortite girl... Shes the best.. I hoping the 2nd season we'll see more of her personality!

Danillors May 28, 2011

Favorite girl in the anime :3

Really love her :3