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flowerspetals May 3, 2020

The ultimate best girl of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru; the woman that did it all.

Ai Fuyuumi.

Ai-chan has it all, from her average-sized breasts to adorable hallucinations that should most likely be classified as delusions instead. She has long hair, smooth skin (I think) and a face that no real man could pass up on.

Her attitude could make any sad, obese weeb sitting in their room watching harem anime cheer up from their original depressing state because their family's love decreases as they buy more and more Naruto body pillows. She has her own manga, where one can see what she does at home and at school without being forced to stare into the dreadful eyes of that one manipulative lady's eyes that I forgot the name of for more than five seconds because animation is a thing.

With all factors of a perfect waifu considered, Ai is one of the best best girls throughout each and every anime and manga because of the fact that she is gorgeous and has a great personality aside from the fact that she is just like every other anime girl that cannot express their feelings because the main character is a clueless piece of shite. 

Therefore, Ai, the tsundere which has ruled over her series, is one of the best best girls that has ever become a best girl.