Adolph JIANG

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #60,057
Rank #3,324
Adolph JIANG
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LaylaLux Dec 20, 2023

Even after all these years I still FUCKUNG HATE YOU!!!! 😤

Fy0 Sep 10, 2023

He's a rapist, an abuser and an unfaithdul husband who was so entitled that he remained delusional till the very end. He had the emotional maturity of a child. Ruined so many lives and refused to admit to his own faults or take any accountability for his actions. Treated Lewis like some kind of accessory and only showed him love when it was convienient for him. He gaslighted Lewis and projected his own affairs onto the one of the only people who loved his sorry ass. After all the hurt he caused, he stayed in denial and had the audacity to act like a victim. His guilt or whatever the heck his was feeling was so misplaced and delusional that it was pathetic to watch. 
He did so many irredeemable things and gets no sympathy from me.

YAOIforeverBL Jul 18, 2023

He is a real douche.... It felt dirty when he tried to reconcile with his partner after all the things he did to him!

yeh Nov 3, 2022

i fucking hate this son a bitch. the amount of times i wanted to kill this motherfucker omfggg literally die die die i wish him the most painful suffering bc his cheating skank ass deserves it fuck u jiang cocksucker !!!#**@&&@&#&#&%&#$987p987)(*PEIRYUpisudhfpiuh

luxeria Oct 26, 2022

At no point did I ever feel any sort of sympathy for this son of a bitch ugly ass motherfucking shithead. I hate him and he deserved everything that came his way. (dis)Respectfully, die in hell <3