Adolph JIANG

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #62,700
Rank #3,687
Adolph JIANG
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yeh Nov 3, 2022

i fucking hate this son a bitch. the amount of times i wanted to kill this motherfucker omfggg literally die die die i wish him the most painful suffering bc his cheating skank ass deserves it fuck u jiang cocksucker !!!#**@&&@&#&#&%&#$987p987)(*PEIRYUpisudhfpiuh

peepeepoopo Oct 26, 2022

At no point did I ever feel any sort of sympathy for this son of a bitch ugly ass motherfucking shithead. I hate him and he deserved everything that came his way. (dis)Respectfully, die in hell <3

DeadInsideXX Sep 4, 2022

Sir, your reservation in hell is ready. Please arrive as soon as possible.



sassykillua Aug 1, 2022

Can somebody just drown him in his own blood untill all the inside parts of his head get soaked in his own blood then cut off his tongue and make him shallow that shit!?!? Then dig one of his eyes and make him shallow that too untill he vomits but before that close his mouth with tape so fucking tightly so that he has no other choice than to shallow those shits back in?!?!?!and then peel of his nails one by one as well as cutting down his disgusting dick?!?!and then make him shallow those DIRTY shits too so that he chokes on them and dies from short of breathe slowly but surely and also it's better to put him before a mirror while doing those so that he can witness himself DYING from the beginning to the very end with that remaining eyes of him?!?!?!only then I'll feel satisfied!!!

sassykillua Aug 1, 2022

If only i could torture him the worst way possible

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