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10 years
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Apr 8, 2021
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You've been a member for 9 years
Apr 8, 2021
You've experienced joy and terror alongside Popee, Kedamono, Papi and even the Elephant Car.
Aug 31, 2011
You've watched Debut, a series that proves that even animators can have a very bad day.
Nov 20, 2010
Monsters Gone Wild
These aren't your typical cute and cuddly monsters! You've watched Alien Nine, Cencoroll, Narutaru and Brigadoon Marin to Melan.
Nov 20, 2010
20th Century Boy
You've followed Friend from here to the end.
Nov 20, 2010
Cool Story Bro
Cool story bro, but that's sooooooo much dialogue!
Nov 20, 2010
Nice Boat
You finished School Days, and even saw the real ending!
Nov 20, 2010
Added 100 Community Anime Reviews
Added 100 community anime reviews. Epic!
Nov 1, 2010
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Added 50 community anime reviews. You're on a roll!
Nov 1, 2010