Zombieland Saga

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Nov 22, 2018


I normally do not watch idol anime, but I love self aware zombies so this one caught my eye. 

Unfortunately the show is a bait and switch after the first 2 episodes. Girl gets hit by truck comes back as a zombie. Some dude's like I'ma make you a pop idol. other girls are raving zombies. Mayham ensues.

 So the first episode is like watching babymetal the anime. It's cute and happy for a few second and then turns really really metal. 

The second episode has a japanese rap battle,not a big fan of rap or hip-hop so just not my thing, and then the 3rd solidifies it into a actual idol anime really kinda ruining the formula. As these character for at least the first 2 episodes just kinda bumble their way through everything. This doesn't mean the characters change but what constitutes as music is now what's typical with this kinda show. When I think it would have been better had they just kept not having a clue and every episode the music was a little different.

 There is still one zombie character in the group that acts like a typical zombie making for some rather funny stuff. Like trying to eat a man in a chicken costume, and I hope she sticks around for comic value if nothing else. 
The producer and their interactions with him are more then a little funny at times and the guy is outright not a likeable character and that's in part a good thing. 

My final thoughts and to sum up the show. The first 2 episodes were promising,funny, unpredictable and weird. In essence what I look for every time I see a new anime come out.

Sadly it went very down hill from there, it's not bad but it seems kinda like a cop out oh we can't come up with any more weird stuff for them to do musically lets just make it a standard idol anime with some small town charm.This is not really a bad thing the show continues to be good but just not as good.
 The only thing that actually really bothers me is the 3d animation in some scenes it's a janky transition that just doesn't feel right. I suppose it makes me think a little of vocaloid and most audience wouldn't have a problem with it, it's more a personal thing.  

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Dec 21, 2018

The show started out really good, with probably one of the more impressive opening scenes I had seen. It was dark but funny with some great music that fit the scene! After episode I really wanted to see more!

For its second episode they dropped the metal theme and went with some freestyle rap. It was still impressed with the episode and it made me think that the show could start mocking a bunch of different music genres.

The answer to that was a simple and hard nope, from episode 3 onwards the show changes its focus and that's where it lost me as a fan.

I was hoping the show would use its zombie element a bit more for some goofy situations but it didn't really do that either, actually the show started to become less goofy and it was trying really hard to take itself more seriously.

The songs weren't really doing it for me and the computer animations they used for the dance scenes were pretty horrible too. Normally with a show you start really strong and you end very strong to try and make a lasting impression with your audience but this show started really strong but the final episode of the season just felt like a massive disappointment.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2018

I honestly didn't know how far I was going to get on this one, but I enjoyed it. Girls die, become zombies and form a new idol group.. again, didn't know what to think of it. Actually my first idol type anime.

Plot of the story was in plain sight after at least the first two episodes and throughout the anime it was held fast and didn't sway. Which was great!

Animation was good. I loved the opening sequence and was crisp and clean all through the episodes.

Sound was awesome, didn't know what I was getting into, but the music was very up beat and fun. Loved the opening, even though it was some random animation.

Characters were well balanced I think and I did enjoy how they briefly touched on everybody for a good background sequence and how they all interacted with each other.

Overall I did end up enjoying this one and may have opened me up to another genre of anime. Who knows!


8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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Feb 16, 2019

The story doesn't exactly go anywhere, and I was disappointed about that. It's pretty flat the whole time, and I found the manager annoying to the point I wanted to just mute or skip through the scene until he was gone. I probably wouldn't be too picky about the show if it was moving along, but it didn't. Also, it does take some getting used to if you're watching the dub, since all the singing/rapping is done in japanese and isn't translated, so all the voices change. Mind you the songs themselves are pretty alright, and are enjoyable. However, the 3D animation during the dance scenes are really out of place. If season 2 ever drops, they should stop that. Unless the season 2 trailer looks really good and different than what I saw in season 1, I won't be looking to continue the series. Personally not worth watching.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Dec 20, 2018

It’s pretty clear that in today’s society, anime seems to be churned out in droves. You bear witness to the regurgitation of carbon copies, causing the medium you hold dear to fade into the bleakest grey...

And then Zombieland Saga busts in through the fucking window in a speeding minivan going 156 mph, shouting “FUCK YOU; GET IN” before flooring it faster than you can say “The Legendary TAE YAMADA!” It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s loud as all hell, and most importantly, it’s as vivid as a sunset. Sure, your weeaboo mancave of a room is busted and your waifu collection is in pieces, but we all know you’ll replace that with a shrine dedicated to a bunch of zombie idols in no time. You’ll get used to it anyway.

We should probably get the most colorful, charming parts of this show out of the way. These visuals pop. The colors strike like God’s lightning, especially in both the opening and ending. These character designs are as bombastic as the personalities of the girls when they’re off doing weird hijinks. Their facial expressions and clothes are so glorious that it’s easy to forget that you only give a shit about like half the characters until their pasts get revealed. Sure, there are some fugly CGI idol models in a couple of dance sequences early on, but then we get oil paintings for menus and real-life footage. Studio MAPPA poured their blood, sweat, and tears into injecting nothing but style into this show.

Speaking of hijinks, there’s a ton of variety in these spectacles. Horror movie/game parodying, playing hot potato with Tae’s severed head, fucking chicken performances and rap battles?! How can anyone object to this?! This is a perfect venue for vibrant character chemistry, as evidenced by the two best characters in the show, Saki and The Legendary Tae Yamada! These two embody the best aspects of the show, with them getting a majority of the best gags. Saki’s loud and abrasive personality makes for perfect chemistry fodder with the rest of the cast, and the inner machinations of Tae Yamada’s mind are an enigma. She is a joy to witness.

The rest of the characters took a while to become even remotely interesting, and this is for a few reasons. For one, several of the main characters are often more drama focused. While this isn’t a bad thing on its own, not only are the personalities of characters such as Junko and Ai not very interesting, but given the limited time spent on drama in comparison to everything else in the first 4 episodes, the drama often feels like a detour. Admittedly, very few of these characters are that great when they aren’t dealing with absurd scenarios, but some are especially dull early on. The latter half thankfully has episodes designed around fleshing out the characters and giving them an emotional arc, but not every character gets this luxury. Granted, none of the main 7 idols are as grating as their manager Kotaro (cuz that guy can get fucked by a cactus more than half the time) but the show still has a hard time giving everyone the spotlight. Thankfully some of the side characters introduced in some of these character-centric mini-stories are written and explored efficiently. Without them, the drama-centered focus of the second half would have felt like an agonizing shift considering how lackluster the more serious portions of the show felt beforehand.

The only thing left to touch on is the music. The background tracks are catchy, with neat jingles to compliment the lighthearted and comedic moments. However, the real meat comes in the form of the songs by everyone in this idol group: Franchouchou. The OP "Adabana Necromancy” is as vivid as the visuals that it plays over, and the watercolor visuals really help sell the emotional ED "Hikari e”. As for the insert idol tracks, several of them are pretty nice to listen to as well, with the only real exception being the ear-piercing Vocaloid-esque song that plays at the end of the 7th episode. It would be rather ghastly if these performances sounded dead, so thank the maker this ain’t the case.

It’s refreshing to have an anime run you over, screaming. It calms down, and there are some growing pains, but I’m happy to see some life here. There’s a vivid pulse to this one, a wild and unique expression so charming and sincere that I nearly overlook how uneven and easy to break this show can be. With this performance now over, it’s your turn to take part in the saga. What are you waiting for? Do it while you’re still alive!

Also, Tae Yamada dabs in episode 7, so that’s an Easter egg to look out for.

Written/Edited by: CodeBlazeFate 
Proofread by: Peregrine

6.6/10 story
8.1/10 animation
7.3/10 sound
6.4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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