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Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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There are awful anime. There are excellent anime. There are bad anime. There are good anime. And then there are anime so average it's scary. Story: Kita Michiru has a good amount of frenemies at her Christian school. However, she has a secret--when she removes her Harry Potter glasses, she can see rings around people necks which signify how much time a person has left to live or if the person is already dead (Shinigami eyes?). She always wears the glasses so she won't have to see these horrible, horrible things. (Hello? If I had that power, then it would be awesome.) One day, she meets two boys who have black rings around their necks--they're dead! OMFG WTF SWEETCHEESESTHISISUNREALCOULDTHEYBEZOMBIES? PSHAW... Random sh*t happens (the boys switch hands and fight and whatnot), and Michiru ends up being ("SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME/DARLIN', YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME" with apologies to Bon Jovi and Stephen King...) slashed with a sword. As she lays there, she is given the option to live. After a corny speech, she finds herself to be alive. As it turns out. Z-Loan® allows the dead to keep rollin', rollin', rollin', trollin' as long as they can pay off rent. Michiru can now join her newfound friends in bringing other zombie-things peaceful actual death. Does this sound interesting? Actually... no. Not really. Maybe it does to you, but it doesn't sound like such a mediocre premise can amount to anything. (Well, it does sometimes. "Fruits Basket" kind of did that.) And it really doesn't. The ending doesn't tie up any loose ends, either. Animation: Again, absolutely average. (Alliteration?) Character designs are average. Fight scenes are average or maybe a little worse than average. Artwork is average. There isn't much else to say here! Sound: I cannot remember any of the insert music nor can I remember the ending song. The OP was just some j-rock which I find to be mildly ear-splitting. The man's scratchy voice is just unappealing. The voice acting is nondescript and is... average. Gosh. You have one more chance, XEBEC. Make this thing more interesting! Characters: I... I surrender... (Zero development and backstories, too.) Characters: Girl with pinkish hair: Kita Michiru; boy with silver hair: Akatsuki Chika; boy with hair antenna: Tachibana Shito. Shiba Reiichirou: Not one of the three main characters, which could be good: He is as average as a rock-shaped paperweight. Kita Michiru: First and foremost, I cannot believe that the original manga creator (the female pair Peach-Pit), who created "Shugo Chara!" and Hinamori Amu, would create such a spineless female lead. Even if Amu's awesomeness is not brought into the picture, Kita is STILL a weak character. Her lack of a personality and distinguishing features make her one of the most boring leads I have ever seen. I think she is supposed to be a sympathetic character because she has a pretty crappy life in the beginning, but she never stands up for herself. I can't feel bad for a girl like her! Plus, we don't really know of her past, so we can't compare and contrast her character from then to now. Akatsuki Chika: A hot-headed bad-boy with a kind heart and a bone to pick with the other male lead, he's trying to be Sohma Kyo so much. Unfortunately, Chika brings no charisma to an otherwise potential-laden archetype. Whereas Kyo became one of the most likable and relatable characters of all time, Chika became a completely unoriginal character. Tachibana Shito: If Chika wants to be Kyo, then Shito wants to be Yuki. His level-headed ways could complement Chika very well, but they don't. The dynamic between these characters is just wasted potential. Yoimachi Koyomi: Other than her chest, she serves no real purpose. Not like this is an ecchi, but there is one "cosplay" scene. Yet another drab character. You get the idea, so screw mentioning everyone else! Overall: I'm going to be frank: This is probably the most average anime I have ever seen. But, maybe it makes sense. I refuse to read/or watch the unanimously hated "Dears," also created by Peach-Pit, but I adore their philosophical "Shugo Chara!," a show and manga which will bring out the child in us all. Maybe this is their middle ground.


Zombie-Loan, based on the manga of the same name by Peach-Pit....A story I began to read 2 years ago, in 2009, and that fascinated me back then. I never had the opportunity to watch the anime before...and now it's done, my thoughts are a bit mixed about it. The story of the anime spans the first 4 or 5 books of the manga and it does it quite well for a 11 episodes series. It developped the major parts well and I liked it. the manga itself had good plot ideas and developpement but was slowed down by it,s horrible realization. Everytime you read a Peach-Pit work, you feel...well like drugged by all the messy panels. They have potential to do really good stories but they just cannot express it well. In the anime, that part is corrected and the reader/viewer is able to follow the story without getting headaches caused by some horrible structure ( or in other words: What the hell did Peach-Pit tried to draw there?). The story evolves around Chika, Michiru and Shito trying to repay their debt to the Z-Loan for making them alive again after their accidental deaths.If I sould have a complaint: It is TOO DAMN short!! When you enter in the story and really enjoy the story, BAM it finishes. It could have been an excellent series if it had double the episodes at least. The animation, done by Xebec, is just horrible. Stiff panels, awkward poses and really weird character design ( really Peach-Pit-ish; I like it personnally but some don't) are on the menu. One thing the animators did well was the use of colors and the beautiful dark-macabre atmosphere. And I must say, I really hated the some sort of chibis visuals ( something occurent in the original manga as it seems Peach-Pit can't draw something else) even if I liked the dialogue between the characters that comes with it. I won't develop much here. The cast is brilliant. sakurai does a cold voiced Shito with grace and Suzumura does a really annoying(and loveable) Chika. It goes for the same of Kuwashima in charge of Michiru. The other characters are voiced excellently, I have no complaints here. The soundtrack was a roller coaster ride. It can be good, and sometimes it is purely devastating. I absolutely loved it in those segments. The music fitted perfectly without a doubt. Opening section: It starts with style and gorgeousness...until you hear the first words of the song. Seems like the singer strangled himself with some hot potatoes that got blocked in his throat. I LOVED the visuals though. Ending: I say it was really good, at least for me. The series developped its main leads and their quarrels superbly. You know they have great difficulty to get along but you still have to love them. They form an really unorthodox trio. They have rival personnalities also but they quite fit together. That said, the show didn't have much air time to spend on the other character of the series. they feel a bit bland compared to the main trio, but I am sure that in the original manga they are quite developped. Guess I'll have to catch up with the manga. Usually, when a manga-based anime does achieve something by appealing to me, I want to read the manga. It does it again here, but hey, I already own the manga^___^ Guess I'll have to reread them=___= and then getting the missing volumes^___^ Overall, I enjoyed the anime version of Zombie-Loan a lot. My feeling were a bit trampled by the sudden (lame) ending but still, I loved what I saw and I want more now. I'll have to see those specials. Still, the series is horribly flawed beginning by its really short span and that will definetely turn off some viewers. You may like it or not, I did and the original premise is really good with original twists on the zombie genre. Try it if you like Peach-Pit. Score: A good mark with an 3.5/5 from such an underrated little series. Next! Lovely Complex and my actual reviews of Soul Eater and Guardian of the Spirit(Seirei no Moribito)


To be honest, this anime started of rather slow and I didn't really find myself enjoying it after watching the first episode, however, I dont give up on things and so, I pushed away that boredm and continued to watch this series and I'm glad I did because it did get better. I have read quite a few reviews that say the music was I'll concieves but really,  it does depend on the music you enjoy. Someone who dislikes rock will find the music to be i'll fitting and more likely than not, it will ruin the series for them. Zombie-loan isn't something I'd typically watch because I'm not too fond of zombies due to finding them rather bothersome but, as this anime progressed, I found myself enthralled. The story follows that of a young girl who can see the ring of death around a person's neck if they are fated to die soon or, as she learns later, if someone is actually dead. This realization is brought about by two boys who "survived" a horrific car accident. But, Miss Kita soon discovers that Shito and Chicka are zombies who kill the so called illegal zombies in order to pay of their debts. Miss Kita finds herself caught up with these two boys and soon finds herself indebted to them. With her sight,  the two boys realise it will be easier to pay off their debt and thus begins the trials of Miss Kita and her ties to Z - loan,  the company to which Shito and Chicka owe their lives too, are formed. This anime isn't for everyone and it does have its fare share of bad reviews as their are some weird scenes within the anime but, it does have a very interesting plot, especially when unknown zombies are given illegal contracts. This is a highly interesting anime and I really enjoyed the plot line once i got passed my initial boredm.  If you do proceed to watch the most sound advice I can give is that it does get better as it progresses.

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