Zoids: Genesis

TV (50 eps)
2005 - 2006
Spring 2005
3.561 out of 5 from 1,431 votes
Rank #4,989

Planet Zi has been devastated by an event called "The God's Fury," leaving the remaining survivors to rebuild their civilizations with the help of “Generators” – giant structures that provide life to the earth and fuel for Zoids. Ruuji is a young boy who helps his father retrieve Zoids from the bottom of the ocean, and recently they have extracted a Murasame Liger. But when the Digald army tries to attack Ruuji’s village, the boy jumps into the Liger and discovers he can fight back! However, in the midst of the battle, the village’s Generator is damaged and needs repair – and it’s up to Ruuji to fix it. Now, along with two Zoids pilots and his Liger, Ruuji sets forth to search for a mechanic, and to discover the destiny of himself and his Liger.

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STORY SECTION: 5/10 In a world where mechanical animals of an ancient civilization are excavated, a boy pilots one of them and teams up with other pilots in order to protect the people from a megalomaniac bad guy… That is pretty much the story. It conveys only the most basic elements of a scenario. I still give it a 5 because there is story continuity… as simple as it may be. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 3/10 - Since the story is two lines long, you can expect a really simple plot, cliché battles and a really predictable conclusion. There are plot twists but nothing great that will keep a veteran viewer interested. - There are billions of series and games with a similar premise. Kid finds weapon, villains with similar weapons attack, kid fights them with weapon, meets others with similar weapons, trains to get better with the weapon, learns about the world and the weapon’s origin, goes to beat the main bad guy’s weapon. You get really bored with the same old 80’s JRPG theme, after the 1000th time. - Being a children’s series, there is not much violence, bloodshed, nudity and the sort that usually attracts the average viewer. Playing too much on the politically correct side, the series fails to be attractive to a more mature and demanding audience. ART & SOUND SECTION: 5/10 -All character figures, backgrounds and visual effects are drawn too plain and un-imaginary, thus becoming boring quite fast. -The really cool-looking 3D Zoids have interesting mecha designs but also get boring after watching them fight with erratic movement and simple attacks. -There are a few scenes with soft ecchi and imposing artwork because of smart camera angles but they are nothing compared to those found in similar series.-Typical J-pop and action themes. Nothing to remember after you finish (or stop) watching it. Voice acting and sound effects were decent to hear. An exception is the voice of the little girl pilot. It’s too squeaky to stand listening to for long.- The producers must have focused all the attraction of the series on the mecha. “Hey, throw some cool mecha on the posters and there will be plenty of kids that will buy it” is what they were thinking. Who cares about the simple story and the run-of-the-mill characters if it sells because of the cool mecha, right? It worked a zillion times before, why should this one be an exception to the old marketing trick? CHARACTER SECTION: 3/10 - Like the story, the characters also have a description of two lines long each. You will hardly remember their names and refer to them as simply the boy pilot, the girl pilot, the wise pilot, the old pilot, the chick pilot, and the brute pilot. None of them have a strong presence or a different goal in the story, other than protecting the world. This is even worse for the bad guy, who is supposed to be the coolest of all but is equally as fake as the rest. - Some characters are given a slight development but as I said, it’s nothing great that will keep a veteran viewer interested. An exception is that girl pilot again. She is dressed in clothes that simply yell: Look at my panties! And her voice is high-pitched enough to give you nightmares. Brrr! VALUE SECTION: 1/10 This series has nothing new to offer. It’s feels like a silly excuse to waste your excessive money on. I recommend watching something else, leaving this reminiscent title of the 80’s JRPG franchise as a last resort. (I don’t hate old JRPGs. I just find them too shallow to bother with these days.) VERDICT: 4/10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … For trying to sell us a typical story at high prices, by disguising it handsomely. SUGGESTION LIST The concept of it is too reminiscent of two other more famous and better series, Gundam (the boy “accidentally” enters the mecha) and Digimon (each characters controls a monster-like being that evolves as it gets stronger). With those two blocking the sun of fame, Zoids Genesis simply turns invisible in their shadow.

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