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Imprisoned for 10,000 years for waging war on Earth, the evil Dark Lord is set to be released if the magical weapons that keep him trapped, the 12 Zodiac Stones, are destroyed. Power-hungry megalomaniac, Dr Grey, wishes to recruit the Dark Lord as his enforcer to help him reign over Earth. He sets off to find the stones with the help of the 12 Zodiac Robots or ZobotZ, which he co-built with ex-partner, Dr Charles. Each ZobotZ represents an animal in the Chinese horoscope, endowed with its powers and weaknesses. He only manages to steal 6 of the 12 ZobotZ. Now, only Dr Charles' assistant, Sky, is able to stop Dr Grey from achieving his evil goal with the help of the remaining 6 ZobotZ. An epic battle between good and evil ensues.

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