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Alt title: Shen Po

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Oct 14, 2021

Looks like the only place to watch this one is on YouTube with an English dub by TMS... I'm not thrilled at all. I would love to find it with a sub and original audio, but it just doesn;t appear to be out there anywhere else. I've tried all the streaming sites and all the torrenting sityes and I came up with nothing. If I HAVE TO, then I guess I'll finish watching all FIFTY-TWO episodes there, but it's going to be a LONG 52...

That said, the story seems pretty basic for an isekai and the pacing is pretty quick-footed. The animation is actually pretty decent and they did a great job with the effects. The character models are fairly plain, the voice actors didn;t do a great job, and the music was dubbed and scrubbed...

Overall, I'm giving this a 2.5 until I finish it and make a final determination on the show as a whole. Hopefully, it grows on me.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
1/10 sound
3/10 characters
2.7/10 overall
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